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Thinking about joining the Miche team?

With Miche Bag, you really can have it all: a rewarding and fun career, and the time you want with your family. Never sacrafice missing your kids' activities again. You can do as much or as little as you want. On your terms, with no limitations.  When you become a Miche Bag Independent Sales Representative you are in control of your own destiny.

Consider The Opportunity ~ It's Your Business... Your Way!

  • Make some extra CASH by being a Miche Sales Rep.
  •  It's chic! It's fun! It's stylish! And it's all the SAME BAG!
  • You can CHANGE THE LOOK of your bag, simply by changing the outside shell!
  • Forget the TIME and HASSLE of transferring all your things from one bag to another...  with Miche, you can have a look for every outfit or occasion in just seconds!
  • Miche's credit card/cell phone safe "Earth Magnets" never wear out!
  • Miche Bags take just a fraction of the space in your closet as regular handbags
  • Great for travel! Have a different bag for every outfit... it ALL fits in your suitcase!
  • The surprisingly ROOMY Miche Bag comes in several sizes and styles...                    there's something for everyone!
  • With Miche, you get the same designer look as bags that cost lots more!   
  • Miche is so easy to sell, it practically sells itself!
  • Can you pick it up and show it? Then you can sell it... it's just that easy!
  • We have a HUGE REORDER BUSINESS! There's something new every month and our customers don't wanna miss out... you'll make new customers for life!
  • Get paid to "party" while you make new friends!
  • We offer excellent training and support... you'll never be alone!  
Business is Booming!
Women are buying our designer handbags like crazy, and many of them say: "Wow, I wish I would have thought of that!" Earning a great living doesn't have to be boring, selling Miche is fun, and you'll make new friends all along the way!

Be a part of the hottest handbag in town!
Hurry, before somebody else brings Miche to your neighborhood... and someone will...will it be YOU?

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*  Rep. Testimonials  *

"I enjoy being a Miche Rep because I work for a great company and group of people who are there offering support and inspiration whenever I need it." - Rita H.

"What I love about being a Miche Bag Sales Rep is representing a fabulous product that sells itself for a company that truly cares about their Reps and customers! I appreciate the flexibility I have to be successful in business while putting my family first... Miche is a great opportunity!" - Jami H.

"I have the opportunity to make extra income for my family, on my time frame, all while having fun with customers who love purses!" - Pansy B.

"I love being a Miche Bag Sales Rep because I get to show off such a fun, innovative product that makes women happy!  And I don't even have to 'sell' it - all I have to do is get the opportunity to 'show' it - it sells itself!"  - Diane S.

"I love watching people's reaction when they realize what a cool bag this is.  I also love seeing my bank account grow." – Ruth S.

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Lovin' My Miche!
Jami Hespe