Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Miche Bag Frenzy "Mystery Hostess" Party ~ open to public!

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I hope you'll stop by for my Mystery Hostess party on Saturday, April 30th, it's gonna be so much fun! I'm giving away all the hostess rewards for the day. It's "come and go" from 2-4 p.m. so you don't have to stay the whole time. Drawings will be held every 1/2 hour for things like retired shells that are long gone, sold out coin purses that everybody wants, but can't get... and other Miche "goodies"! Even if you can't make it... you can still get your name in an absentee customer drawing. See details in the ad above.

YOU COULD BE THE MYSTERY HOSTESS! At 4 p.m. I will total up the sales from the party, then draw for the Mystery Hostess and give her all the hostess rewards! The lucky winner is sure to be thrilled with all the FREE, half price and discounted Miche!

CHANCES TO WIN THE DRAWINGS! Here's how it works:
  • You get 1 chance to win, just for showing up!
  • 1 chance for each friend you bring
  • 1 chance with your paid order
  • 2 chances when you book a party

EVERYONE'S A WINNER! Even if your name isn't drawn, you're still a winner! Everyone that purchases Miche from an independent Miche Bag Sales Rep. saves big $ with our lower than retail prices and bundle pricing!! Did I mention that I have an excellent selection with over 70 styles in stock? Take your purchase home with you same day! Also, you'll be buying just in time, because Miche Bag Corp. is raising prices May 1st!

MOM! Miche makes a great gift! Don't know what to get your Mom or wife for Mother's Day? Let me help! It's the gift that keeps on giving... you can gift her with new shells for many occasions such as birthday, Christmas, Valentine's day, Anniversary, or just because! Grads love Miche too ~ and with 3 sizes and over 75 styles of shells in stock, there's sure to be something for everyone!!

FUN! We're gonna have lots of fun. When you purchase you get an extra chance to win the Mystery Hostess rewards, but not only that... we'll play a card game at checkout, and if you draw the card with a photo of a Miche shelll you purchased, you get 20% off that shell! Jokers are wild.

FOOD! Oh yeah, there will be food... it's not a party without it, and my friend, Heather Tucker - of Enchanted Cake Designs is whippin' up some gourmet cupcakes for us. She does a great job and it'll be a real treat! She doesn't have a website yet, but if you're looking for delicious, beautiful baked goods for special occasions, I can getchya connected! :)

PARTY! This will be a great party, no doubt... but maybe you'd like to have a Miche party of your own and earn Free, half price and discounted Miche. Sign up at the open house and get your name on the calendar before your friends beat you to it! ;)

Don't forget that even if you can't attend... you still have a chance to win the absentee customer drawing when you place your  order by 4 p.m. on Saturday. If you call to place your order and I'm unable to answer and receive your order, I will call you back and you'll still have a chance to win, no worries. All email and phone orders will be confirmed prior to the drawing. I'm looking forward to seein' or hearin' from ya!

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